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Recently from Constitutional War

Mecklenburg BOCC Demand Answers from NC DOT and CINTRA on I-77 Toll Road "Scheme"
NC DOT gets exposed by Meck county commissioners on their I-77 Toll Road "scheme." Not a dull moment in this video.  view>>>
Huntersville CIVIL-ians Comment Against I-77 Tolls B4 being Trashed by Board Members
Other than Danny and Rob, the Huntersville Commissioners attacked local peasants who dared to beg mercy and quarter from their masters. The Lake Norman Comrade joined in on the attack claiming insane  view>>>
Huntersville Board Ridiculousness - Citizens get Attacked - Anti-Toll Resolution Passes, kinda?
Only Danny Phillips and Rob Kidwell stood for the stronger Resolution. More gold here than I could point out unless I wrote a book about it.  view>>>
NC DOT Bombshell - I-77 Toll Road Construction Won't Start Until 2016
As the toll road saga continues to unfold, the layers of this onion seem unending. We now bring you this gem from the NCDOT's presentation at the Davidson Town Board meeting on 6/9/15. Deputy S  view>>>
Skip Stam on why he pushed Licenses for Illegals
Hope you guy's have a primary candidate ready. SMH  view>>>
Charlie Jeter talks I-77 tolls - Points at Governor Pat McCrory
Chuck tells it like it is. He says he is waiting to see if Jeff Tarte actually has a plan.... LOL. The "I told you so's" that I end up with when all is said and done are going to be endless.  view>>>
Jeff Tarte says ONLY 200 people are Against I-77 Tolls
Tonight Jeff Tarte took to Facebook to say that Vallee Bubak was "100% wrong stating what I said" when speaking with WBT's Mark Garrison. Here is the audio proof that Vallee Bubak was telling th  view>>>
Dave Gilroy Unloads on NCDOT and CINTRA over I-77 Contract
This might be the best damn thing you see all year.  view>>>
Micheal Waltrip Racing - Business Summit Against the I-77 Toll Road Scam
MWR hosted a summit against I-77 toll roads a week after the NCDOT tells us they have made their final closing on the toll road scam. Lot's of great info in here but the big take away is that fol  view>>>
CRTPO JUMPO lies for NCDOT on I-77 Forced P3 Toll Roads
Donate at if you care about public events like this being covered. Stay tuned at the Exit 28 FB group.  view>>>