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Recent Activity

Matt Kibbe on the Greg Brannon Endorsement

Trevor Loudon Epic Speech at CAUTION Charlotte TEA Party

Jan. 20th 2014, Trevor Loudon spoke at CAUTION in Charlotte NC. Everyone was blown away by the end of this stirring speech.

Join us Monday nights at the Dilworth neighborhood Grille, 911 east Moorhead st. from 6 til 7:30. It's free, and it's really FUN!

NC Senate Candidates Debate Nullification

Find out where the NC Senate candidates stand on Nullification. Only 1 supports it.

Thom Tillis married Time Warner, Tesla, and Parsons Brinckerhoff

It's Blood that brings everything together.
Here is the Haymaker article:
The Parsons tie:
Thom Tillis work history:

ObamaCare Sellout Robert Pittenger Grabs my Camera at Oversight Hearing

Walking Failure Darrell Issa's ObamaCare oversight committee was in NC Friday with two of the other 87 republicans who voted with the democrats to end Harry Reid's shutdown, Patrick McHenry, and Robert Pittenger. Robert was not happy to see me so he hit and then grabbed my camera.

Tillis vs. Brannon - Tolls and TEA 2014 NCGOP Primary

Battle lines are being drawn in the NC U.S. Senate, Republican Primary. TEA Party favorite Dr. Greg Brannon and Establishment pick Thom Tillis represent two paths today's Republicans have before them. Endorsements, Philosophies, Experience, and Alliances are laid out in this 6 minute crash course of the campaign to date.

Tom Woods NullifyNow NC Speech

A great insight into the history of states resisting tyranny through Nullification, by Thomas Woods

Lt. Dan Forest Speaks Against Toll Roads & Common Core

Lt. Dan Forest Speaks Against Toll Roads & Common Core

Robert Pittenger says NO to defunding Obamacare

During Robert Pittenger's Town Hall meeting August 5, 2013, he was asked if he would vote with Mike Lee to defund Obamacare. He gave a resounding answer. Pittenger is a Congressman to the 9th District of North Carolina.

Bail Bondsman Scandal in NC. Insider Deals

Bail Bondsman Scandal in NC. Insider Deals, Monopoly, and Political Favors.

Stop Tillis Toll roads MUMPO jumbo

MUMPO (Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization) denies citizens' right to speak out against toll roads.

Reince Priebus talks rules change in Charlotte, NC

Reince Priebus talks rules change in Charlotte, NC.

Teleprompter John Boehner called out in Charlotte

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