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Thom Tillis, Drinking on the Job?

Was Tillis drinking on the job? A former Rep says he was in an email going around the state.

"I served as a Chair of the NC House Rules Committee under another candidate, Thom Tills. I know him better than any of the candidates because I had to work with him daily when we were in Session. My observations and opinion of Thom Tillis is that I wouldn't vote for him for Dog Catcher. He looked me in the eye, gave me his word and shook my hand telling me that a certain piece of legislation was Dead. This legislation would have done great harm to a business headquartered in Lenoir County. It took him less than two weeks to break his word so that he could begin to legally "extort" tens of thousands of dollars from both sides. He has been involved in several scandals during his two terms as Speaker including "Pay-to-Play" with a formal Ethics complaint filed recently by a former Republican NC House member, Staff sex scandals involving his staff and lobbyist.

Thom Tillis' Chief of Staff, who was also his roommate and whose wife had cancer at the time, was having an affair with a lobbyist and Tillis said he knew nothing about it. Thom Tillis paid these two staff members $19,000 of our tax dollars to resign. I personally viewed on two occasions where Thom Tillis poured alcohol into his coffee cup before he walked into the House Chamber for Session. I was told by a General Assembly staffer the names of other Republican House members in his inner circle who were doing the same thing and Tillis allowed it. This is an insult to the people of North Carolina and a disgrace to the People's House. There is more that will be coming out if he is the nominee and Kay Hagan will likely be re-elected."

~email from Stephen LaRoque Final Push to May 6th

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