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Is Jeff Tarte's SB 346 DEAD? Facts vs Fiction
0000-00-00 00:00:00The Truth about SB 346. Dead or Alive?  view>>>
Bless Your Heart, Jeff Tarte. BUSTED!!! SB-346 Vaccine Deceptions!
2015-03-23 22:04:45SB 346 introduced by Jeff Tarte, will do away with religious exceptions for all vaccines the state of North Carolina sees fit for our children. In this video we catch Senator Tarte in a huge lie regar  view>>>
Establishment Slate-Gate | NCGOP Chair Race-ism, Gas Taxes, Toll Roads, & McLapdogs.
2015-03-12 13:55:26NC GOP Chair Race / ‪#‎SlateGate‬! John Boehner's right-hand-man's right-hand-man, Patrick McHenry, is set to have his confidant, Craig Collins, takeover the Chairmanship of the NC Rep  view>>>
Andrew Breitbart THUG LIFE #WAR
2015-03-12 13:53:33#WAR  view>>>
Crosby Mumps and the MMR Autism Vaccination Debate
2014-12-15 14:30:22News broke Sunday that Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins has indeed contracted the MUMPS virus. When this news was posted to social media fans erupted in anger that he had not taken the MMR vac  view>>>
Selling Thom's Toll Road Scheme Proves Difficult
2014-12-02 19:55:52"Legislators have forced the HOT lanes scheme onto the constituents, as is demonstrated by the lack of support exhibited in the video." ~Nicole Revels See her content as it is released; "friend" her  view>>>
Ted Cruz: The Wisdom of Cicero is Timeless
2014-11-20 20:29:00You just have to listen.... Brilliant!!!  view>>>
Romney praises Teddy, GRUBER, and Heritage for Romney Care
2014-11-18 14:17:47In case you have forgot, Mitt Romney was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States of America in 2012. We have to stop blindly supporting the nominee after the primary, an  view>>>