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Who is John Rhodes? North Carolina Shrugged (official trailer)
2014-09-14 01:59:31For years you have been asking Who is John Rhodes? You have asked that question as Jim Black was sent to prison, Thom Tillis became Speaker, and government continued to grow.

You have asked that question without expecting an answer..... I'm here to answer it.

John Rhodes slams Bill Brawley and NCDOT for Thom Tillis Toll Road Corruption
2014-09-11 01:56:29John Rhodes is back in full form taking on the crooked politicians like Thom Tillis and Bill Brawley who are forcing P3 Toll Roads on the great people of North Carolina.

Rhodes said to Rep. Bill Brawley, "You Republicans and Democrats are darn lucky I'm not up in Raleigh because I'd be pulling the trigger on all of you." He continued, "are you able to actually vote, or do you have to ask Thom permission for everything you do?"

Thom Tillis Toll Roads - The Smoking Gun
2014-07-15 01:53:54Some Tillis supporters swear that he has no power to stop the Toll Roads here in NC. They claim it was all set up before he could do anything about it. Well, well, well.... this video is gonna break their little hearts.
John Rhodes: Tell All Interview from Black to Tillis and 7 years of silence
2014-07-04 01:45:41Exclusive! interview with former NC State Representative John Rhodes, the man who brought down the corrupt dual Speakership of Richard Morgan and Jim Black. After 7 years of silence Mr. Rhodes opens up about his experience in Raleigh, Democrats vs Republicans, the establishment media, House Speakers past and present, why he left the Republican Party, and the grassroots Write-in campaign to elect him as the next U.S. Senator from North Carolina.

You can join the campaign to write-in John Rhodes at: